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Happy people say the darndest things.

Fred Parrilla 

Pest Professional 

Bugz & Lawnz
Burnet, Texas

"Ratsect Pro worked better than I imagined. I'm experiencing 30 - 45 day control of rodents.  Our company no longer needs to use bait boxes, snap traps or glue boards which means no dead rodent smells. Extra benefits was when we realized it repelled armadillos as well! Your product went beyond expectations."

Joe Baladez 

Pest Professional 

Bugz & Lawnz
Burnet, Texas

"I treat hundreds of waterfront properties and docks for spider and insect control.  Spidersect Pro killed and repelled spiders & midges just as the team at GSL described.  No matter how I use it, manual application or automated misting systems, it simply works. Being organic is an added benefit to me and my customers.  Happy customers makes my job rewarding!" 

Tyler Cox

General Manager

Coleman Auto Restoration Systems

Belton, Texas

"We hired ABC Home & Commercial Services to help us with a rodent problem and were thoroughly impressed.  After the first treatment with the Ratsect Pro we were clear of any rodents.  I will definitely use this product and service again and would recommend anyone to do the same."

Paul Mayo

26 Years Poultry Farmer

Marion, LA

"After two consecutive tests in my poultry barns the Poultry House Pro Ammonia Buffer has worked better than any other product I have used for ammonia control.  Lowest ammonia levels, last the entire grow-out period, dryer litter, considerably less caking, reduced odors, and it's organic.  I highly recommend this product to farmers and corporations as THE solution to the ammonia problem we face in the poultry industry."

Ratsect is an excellent product for use as a rat repellant.  We have used Ratsect on several of our accounts with long histories of rodent problems and with the use of Ratsect there are no more rodents.  Prior to using Ratsect we were spending lots of time and money with trappings and not really solving the problem.  We have seen great results by applying Ratsect into the drop ceilings, void areas and outside perimeter every 60 days. The product also works well on Squirrels and Ringtails.  I recommend Ratsect for those tough rodent accounts. 

Ed Thompson

ABC Home & Commercial Services

Pest Control
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