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What does "Organic" mean?

Going organic has never been more popular, but with so many different terms it's easy to get turned around, and know which products are best. All natural, natural, organic, certified organic are generally the terms for products that includes ingredients which are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) and includes ingredients that are outlined by the USDA to qualify for compliance. Certified Organic depends on which institution and guidelines a product is compliant with and whether the manufacturer has taken steps to meet those standards and pay the fees required to do so. N.O.P. "National Organic Program" is a certification outlined by the USDA, which Green Shield Labs is currently taking steps to comply with those standards on most if not all products. There are other institutions that outlines their own standards but rest assured Green Shield Labs is focused on safe, non-toxic solutions that will not harm humans, animals, and the environment. 

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