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Questions are always welcomed!

  • What exactly will your products do?
    All of our products are formulated and constructed to perform the tasks promised, but do so in the "greenest" possible way. We have found ingredients and processes that work incredibly well towards eliminating and repelling all types of insects and rodents. Our goal? To make your home or workplace safe, clean and non-toxic.
  • How safe are they?
    Our products are very safe to use by following our labeling. GSL uses all natural , non-toxic ingredients that are listed as a Minimum Risk Pesticide. GSL represents that our pest products qualifies for exemption from registration under the law.
  • How effective are your products?
    Shockingly effective. Across the board. We have tested and confirmed through independent studies the efficacy of our products and they are truly amazing. Both in the labs and in the field. Just because our products are safe does not mean they are not effective, they are highly effective. In many cases our products outperform chemical counterparts.
  • What about pets and livestock?
    Our products are safe and non-toxic to your pets and livestock. Our goal is to provide the safer alternative when treating your pets and livestock.
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