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How to really "kill it" on the course today!

Additional Solutions

Pests & Insects


Nothing like getting the course and greens just where you want them, only to then see bugs and pests enjoy the fruits of your work before your golfers can. Not anymore. Golfpest Pro kills & repels insects and other pests that wreaks havoc on your course. This is a complete solution!


De-Scaler Concentrate


• Removes mineral deposits, scale, calcium and algae build-up in irrigation and injection systems, spray equipment, and other devices and surfaces affected by same.

• Maintains spray tips, nozzles, irrigation heads and valves for optimum operation.

• Eco-Safe and biodegradable. 


Acid of Organic Origin, Biodegradable Surfactants, Diluting conditioners.



Apply per product label instructions. Circulate directly through irrigation, injection, spray and misting systems. Apply to surfaces to remove mineral deposits, scale, calcium and algae. As a soak treatment to remove rust and some corrosion on surfaces of structures, equipment and tools. 


Soil Aeration Concentrate


• Aerates soil in 72 +/- hours without use of mechanical equipment.

• Keeps tee boxes, fairways, and greens in optimum condition by allowing oxygen to plants root structure and accumulated salts, from fertilizing, to fall below the root zone.

• Fast, Effective & Safe.

• Saves man hours, equipment cost and maintenance, and with no unsightly plugs to remove or get in the way of your guests game.


Acid of Organic Origin, Biodegradable Surfactants, Diluting conditioners.


Protocol is spray Golfturf Pro Soil Aerator, water in well, allow to penetrate for 48 hours.  Once soil aerated this will allow for better penetration of Golfpest Pro Rodent & Insect concentrate to reach sub-soil insect pests.

GolfPest Pro and GolfTurf Pro is on par in solving your pest and soil maintenance issues.

From Tee to Green, daily protection with less effort!

Keep tee boxes that are heavily shaded breathing, grub and bug free

Low areas in the fairway that don't drain properly attract insects and mold, this product will work even harder when wet

Heavy-traffic areas invite decay and sod to become compacted, not anymore

Greens are a feast for all kinds of harmful insects, our products work effectively and last

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